10 of the Most Reliable Torrent Sites to Visit in 2022 to Download Software

We have been writing a lot of articles about torrents as of late because the majority of torrent websites have been taken offline. The outdated listings that we had published approximately two or three years ago were rendered invalid due to the fact that the websites in question were no longer operational.

Everything started with KickAss Torrent when the owner of the site was taken into custody for unlawful file-sharing. Following that, virtually all of the most prominent torrent sites, such as KickAss, Torrentz, and Extratorrents, were taken offline. There are now only a handful of torrent sites on the internet that fall within the 10–20 unstable site range.

On techviral, we have already provided a list of the best torrent sites for games, the best torrent sites for videos, the best torrent sites for music, and so on. This post has made the decision to provide readers with a list of the top torrent websites where software can be downloaded. In the following paragraphs, you will find a list of some of the most reliable torrent sites where you may obtain any kind of software.

We have selected and listed the top torrent websites available on the internet, but it is important to note that these are not the only torrent websites that are accessible via the internet. Therefore, let’s investigate the list, shall we?

The Pirate Bay (website)

On this list, The Pirate Bay is both the most popular and the most reliable torrent website. The website is still operational at the present time, and the prohibition on mass torrenting had no effect on it.

However, because access to the website is restricted in a number of nations, you will need to make use of a virtual private network (VPN) service. In terms of the content, the website allows users to download a wide variety of media, including movies, television shows, web series, computer games, and software.


The Pirate Bay is undoubtedly the most well-known and highly recommended torrent domain on this list. Despite the restriction on torrents, it is still operating normally. When it comes to the substance of torrents, the website offers practically anything you might want, including movies, television shows, web series, videos, software, and games, among other things.


This website has made its way onto the list very recently and is well-known for the extensive torrent content it hosts. It would appear that the proprietor of TorLock makes the claim that the website only publishes verified torrents, which means that the torrents were checked for legitimacy before being made public. In addition to that, the user interface is what differentiates TorLock from the rest of the competition.


IsoHunt is a great choice for you if you want to download torrent content and have a good experience using the software at the same time. What do you think? Isohunt is now one of the most popular websites dedicated to torrents that you can visit right now.

IsoHunt is a popular torrent website that is well-known for the enormous range of torrent content it hosts; users may find virtually everything on this website. The answer is yes, there is a significant quantity of software and gaming options on the website.


However, the torrent mass ban does not appear to have any effect on 1337X, which is yet another high-quality torrent site on this list. What do you think? 1337X is one of the most popular and highly rated torrent sites, and it receives millions of unique visitors each and every day.

The user design of 1337X is similarly uncluttered and well structured, and it displays a list of the most popular torrent content directly on the site.

Hounds of the Torrent

It’s possible that TorrentHound is the finest option for you if you’re looking for a torrent site that actually works and has a huge library of software to choose from. TorrentHound is a well-known software torrent site that any person who uses Windows should definitely check out. On TorrentHound, you will locate a wide variety of freeware as well as paid software.


TorrentDownloads is a website that is intended to be used for downloading large amounts of data, as suggested by the site’s name. The website focuses on computer programs and video games. On TorrentDownloads, you may find just about any piece of software you might want, whether it be Windows software, Linux ISO, Android apps, etc. Not only that, but TorrentDownloads also features a gaming section where users can download torrents related to video games.


On the list is a torrent website that is located in France and is extremely well-liked among users of all torrents. The user interface of Torrent9 is one of its strongest selling points because it is so neat and beautifully laid out. Torrent9 is home to a vast library that includes anything from music and games to software and more. The torrent files that are hosted on Torrent9 are typically of a high quality, and users may expect a decent download speed from them.


The software can be obtained by going to this website, which is regarded as one of the best and most prominent torrent sites on the list. RARBG’s user interface is one of its strongest selling points because of its streamlined and uncluttered appearance. Aside from that, RARBG features a massive database of torrents that includes a wide variety of media, such as games, software, movies, and music.


iDope is a torrent aggregator, which means that it gathers the most popular torrent content from a variety of websites and then lists it. As of at this moment, the website stores over 180 million torrents within its database. You are able to download not only the software, but also movies, television shows, music, games, and other media from the website.

From these websites, is it possible to obtain Windows software?

There is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to obtain PC software from any of these torrent websites. Every one of the websites that is mentioned in the piece has an extensive library of software.

When downloading software from torrent sites, how safe is it?

It is entirely up to you to decide what kind of file you want to download. If the file you are downloading has been cracked or somehow altered, then there is a good chance that it contains malicious software or a virus.

Do I need to connect to these websites over a virtual private network?

Yes, a connection to a VPN is required in order for you to use these websites. Virtual private networks (VPNs) are used to mask your online identity by encrypting your web traffic.

These websites offer torrent downloads of some of the top applications for personal computers. Leave a comment below with the URLs of any additional software torrent sites that are comparable to these if you are aware of any. If you found that this post was helpful to you, please make sure that your friends read it as well.



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